Sunday, February 18, 2007

R.I.P. Tower Records (1960-2006)

Tower Records passed away on December 22, 2006 after a long battle with bankruptcy. It was 46*. The Tower Records in Nanuet, NY & Tower Records on 68th & Broadway were my stores of choice. I can't tell you how many important albums in my life as well as movies & pop culture literature I bought in both those stores. Even in the age of downloading I still would regularly visit there, especially the one in Nanuet, whenever I was home from college and browse for new music, hidden gems, singles compilations. The Tower Records on 68th was always good to visit before or after seeing a movie at the Loews around there. Mainly it was there affordable prices that kept bringing me there (I was a fan of the 9.99 deals) but, also that they simply had a superior selection of music to choose from as opposed to Sam Goody, Best Buy, or FYE who perhaps have some of the safest music choices you can think of. The impact of the stores closure really didn't affect me until this weekend when I realized I no longer would have a reason really to drive to Nanuet anymore, which is something I usually do to kill time whenever I am home. SoulSeek and other online downloading services have been a stronger presence these days, but, it was nice knowing that a place like Tower existed and offered low prices. If I have the strength to plow through tourists & other gawkers, there is always the Virgin Mega Store on Times Square. You will be missed.

*Apparently, the store chain lives on in Ireland, Mexico, & Japan though in very small numbers.

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