Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween from the Misfits

Here we have the Danzig era lineup. This was probably sometime in 1982 because ex-Black Flag drummer Robo is said to have just joined. Alas, when will he and Jerry Only swallow their pride? I remember Halloween...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to Hear the Wizzah...

I was just saying the other day how uninterested I am in albums these days. The album to me is a relic of the big 70s rock era. "Oh, you have to appreciate this song within the context of the album." Yeah, I guess. If a band can produce 3-5 good songs every few years, and I mean 3-5 really really good songs and amass a collection of them, I am way more satisfied with that prospect than buying or downloading a collection or 12 tracks. And let's not forget the bonus tracks that are anything but. This is why I am so excited about Black Kids. Their 4 track EP, The Wizzah of Ahhhs is sufficient for me. They wear their influences well ranging from Motown to My Bloody Valentine which is most apparent on a phenomenal track like "Hit the Heartbrakes." Please check them out.

To my fans out there, all three of you, fear not. Culture Vulture is back! After 3 months of delay, personal issues, soul searching, and mainly, sheer laziness, I have emerged from my self imposed exile because I miss being loud and opinionated about pop music. Don't worry, I've had my pulse on what's been buzzing on the scene lately. We got some interviews from Black Lips and Le Rug, the new Springsteen and Radiohead, and a look at the Ian Curtis biopic Control to name a few things. Expect the updates soon.