Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to Hear the Wizzah...

I was just saying the other day how uninterested I am in albums these days. The album to me is a relic of the big 70s rock era. "Oh, you have to appreciate this song within the context of the album." Yeah, I guess. If a band can produce 3-5 good songs every few years, and I mean 3-5 really really good songs and amass a collection of them, I am way more satisfied with that prospect than buying or downloading a collection or 12 tracks. And let's not forget the bonus tracks that are anything but. This is why I am so excited about Black Kids. Their 4 track EP, The Wizzah of Ahhhs is sufficient for me. They wear their influences well ranging from Motown to My Bloody Valentine which is most apparent on a phenomenal track like "Hit the Heartbrakes." Please check them out.

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